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Barchart OnDemand Wins Best Data Provider at the 2016 HFM US Technology Awards

CHICAGO, IL – March 9, 2016 – Barchart, a leading provider of market data and information, is pleased to announce that it has been awarded Best Data Provider for its Barchart OnDemand product suite at the 2016 HFM US Technology Awards. Recognized as a leading award show with expert judges in their respectable fields, the HFM US Technology Awards rewards excellence in hedge fund related technology. As an innovative and recognized provider of financial market data and APIs, this award exemplifies Barchart's dedication to providing first-class technology in the financial market data space.

“The HFM US Technology Awards honors companies who have gone above and beyond mastering their products and solutions, which was something we worked to accomplish when we set out to create Barchart OnDemand," says Eero Pikat, President of Barchart. “Barchart OnDemand was built on scalable and modern AWS cloud technology and has brought modern web services API solutions to the financial and commodity industry with much fanfare. Not only do our clients have access to a wide variety of market data and web services APIs, they are doing so more affordably than before and have benefited from modern conveniences such as auto-scaling within AWS," added Pikat.

“With its efficient, accurate and speedy delivery of a host of financial market data, Barchart's service was found to be diverse and reliable," says Gwyn Roberts, Member of HFM Technology's judging panel. “Offering managers flexibility and the option to customize a wide variety of datasets, the judges found the firm to be deserving winner of a hotly contested category," added Roberts.

Since officially launching its extensive market data cloud solution in 2013, Barchart OnDemand has provided access to its web services APIs to hundreds of institutional clients around the world and 1,000s of individual end users. As a simple and efficient solution to receive access to market data, ranging from equities, futures and stocks, to fundamentals and technicals, Barchart OnDemand has continued to rapidly add content and APIs. In addition to expanding its product line, Barchart OnDemand is also creating a following within the FinTech community through an event it started in 2015 named FinTech Exchange. FinTech Exchange is an event focused on the crossroads of technology and financial markets, including market data innovation. The second annual FinTech Exchange is set for April 21, 2016 in Chicago.

“The FinTech Exchange event has a narrower focus than other fintech events in that the presentations center around financial technology as it relates to the financial markets and trading," said Mark Haraburda, Managing Director of Barchart. “So much of Chicago's financial roots, and future, are centered around the financial markets, so we felt it was appropriate to bring an event like this to Chicago," added Haraburda.

For a full list of this year's winners, please visit the HFM US Technology Awards website.

About Barchart OnDemand
Barchart OnDemand provides cloud-based market data solutions to financial services, trading and investment firms; software and mobile app developers; digital media; commodity producers and processors; and, corporate investor relations and treasury departments. Barchart OnDemand can be used to supply financial data to front, middle and back-office software applications used for market analysis, trading, accounting, as well as for integrating financial content into websites and mobile apps. Other applications include powering management tools, risk management systems and charting applications.

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