Oct 17 2023

How Small-Cap Companies Can Benefit From Barchart Impact

Small-cap companies often face the uphill task of establishing themselves in a competitive market.  This is where Barchart Impact comes into play, offering a strategic advantage that can help boost brand recognition and propel growth.

Barchart has been a trusted name within financial and commodity markets for more than 28 years. Our core mission is to provide insightful content and tools to help our audience make informed investing decisions.  With our distinctive distribution methods, Barchart extends its reach to hundreds of websites, connecting with a vast audience comprising millions of investors, traders, and seasoned market experts.


Barchart Impact is not just another marketing tool – it's a comprehensive media solution that can increase brand awareness and amplify your story with targeted campaigns to our investment-focused audience.  Barchart Impact services include:

  • Sponsored Content: Reach millions of investors on and through our extensive partner network with your tailored sponsored content for small cap companies
  • Premium Placement: Guarantee your content reaches a minimum number of pageviews in a native and engaging format
  • Syndication & SEO: Leverage our 300+ syndication outlets for content syndication - driving visibility and improving your SEO
  • Dedicated Emails: Send targeted emails to Barchart’s extensive email list of over 300,000 investors and traders
  • Content Services: Let our skilled writers craft compelling sponsored content to connect with your target audience
  • Social Media: Feature your content to over 110,000 subscribers across Barchart’s social media platforms
  • Newsletters: Maximize your exposure by sponsoring our newsletters to gain visibility among our user base

If you're a small-cap company looking to make a significant impact and enhance your brand visibility, consider leveraging the power of Barchart Impact to achieve your goals. Contact us at or visit for more information.