Oct 2 2023

Reach Millions of Investors with Barchart Impact - Our New Media Syndication Offering!

We are excited to announce the release of Barchart Impact, a new media syndication offering that connects clients with millions of investors on and hundreds of sites that are part of Barchart’s syndication network.  Through Barchart Impact, clients can build brand awareness, improve SEO visibility, promote products, generate leads, and attract new investors.

Barchart Impact is not just another marketing tool – it's a comprehensive media solution that can transform the way you reach your target audience.  Barchart Impact services include:

  • Sponsored Content: Reach millions of investors on and through our extensive partner network with your tailored sponsored content
  • Premium Placement: Guarantee your content reaches a minimum number of pageviews in a native and engaging format
  • Syndication & SEO: Leverage our 300+ syndication outlets for content syndication - driving visibility and improving your SEO
  • Dedicated Emails: Send targeted emails to Barchart’s extensive email list of over 300,000 investors and traders
  • Content Services: Let our skilled writers craft compelling sponsored content to connect with your target audience
  • Social Media: Feature your content to over 110,000 subscribers across Barchart’s social media platforms
  • Newsletters: Maximize your exposure by sponsoring our newsletters to gain visibility among our user base

Barchart Impact is designed to cater to a wide array of clients, including:

  • Investor relations firms: Disseminate timely financial information about your clients, communicate their strategy and vision for the future.
  • Public relations firms: Amplify your clients' financial performance, strategy, and risk, while also promoting their accomplishments to potential new investors.
  • Small-cap companies: Increase brand awareness and amplify your story with targeted campaigns to our investment-focused audience.
  • Global exchanges: Barchart is a leading provider of asset prices and content. Promote products and educate users on how to participate in financial markets.
  • ETF & fund issuers: Boost your products visibility, differentiate your products from the competition, educate investors, and attract new clients.
  • Brokers & trading platforms: Tap into our network of investors and market professionals to build brand recognition, generate leads, and promote your services.

Curious how Barchart Impact can help you?  Contact us at or visit for more information.