Oct 31 2022

Cash In on cmdtyView

Barchart’s commodity data has you covered on all fronts, with futures data, physical commodity data, and commodity fundamentals data available when you want it, where you want it, and how you want it. How you choose to use our best-in-class data is up to you, but how can you truly utilize a continuous feed of top-notch commodity data? That all depends on you. 

Barchart has crafted data and solutions offerings to help you with your every need–from buying to selling, futures to cash, grain to metals–we understand your needs and have worked to provide you with the most dependable solution for agriculture commodity professionals - cmdtyView

Cash grain prices are also covered with intraday and historical data from over 4000+ grain facilities spanning the US.  Australian and Brazilian cash prices are also available, as Barchart is one of the leading providers of cash grain data across the globe.

When it comes to needing reliable, timely commodity prices, Barchart provides fast, flexible, and easy-to-integrate APIs, including commodity price APIs, economic data, commodity statistics, commodity indexes, grain prices, and more! Seamlessly access everything you need through the leading commodity trading and analytics platform, cmdtyView.