Oct 21 2022

Who Can Benefit from Barchart? And How?

Agriculture is a tight-knit community with roles with a list of expansive responsibilities a mile long to the most essential yet niche job one could think of. Thanks to our extensive offerings in agriculture, it’s safe to say we have solutions for everyone in the agriculture industry.

Here’s who we can help:


Agribusinesses are sure to find value with Barchart, with ample tools and exceptional market data to make your job and decision-making a bit easier. In addition to supplying best-in-class data, Barchart connects your organization with growers like never before. Barchart simplifies and streamlines grain trading workflows for agribusiness to help you grow your business and buy more grain.

Ag Economic Programs 

Did you know that Barchart has a special program for Agricultural Economics and academia? Barchart’s best-in-class data is a great resource tool for any ag econ program, from undergraduate to graduate. Add the same tools and commodity data to your educational experience that the leading agribusinesses use!

Ag Lender and Underwriting 

The ability to reduce market risk and improve income forecasting is any Ag Lender or Underwriter’s dream, right? Barchart’s data, tools, and solutions are tailored to lenders and underwriters, allowing them to improve and automate decision-making. Mitigate risk by enhancing your resources through Barchart’s improved loan pricing, collateral valuation, income forecasting, and more. 

Ag Media

Does your role in Ag Media require you to provide listeners or readers with the latest, greatest, and even unique information? Barchart is right there with you, supplying news to ample unique viewers every day. Join some of the top ag media providers in Barchart’s Media Network to gain exclusive access to our top data, events, and much more, all for free. 



Barchart understands the vital role ag tech plays in every facet of the industry. If you are busy building the latest grounding-breaking Ag Technology innovation or working in the sector, take a small responsibility off your plate by relying on Barchart to power your company and products with best-in-class data and solutions. Fast and reliable commodity data, cash grain prices, and grain price indexes for the newest of new to the well-established. 


Crop Insurance 

Crop Insurance is a risky business, but with Barchart, you can breathe a little easier knowing we are helping to mitigate it. By providing commodity data applicable to pricing contracts, tools to help your entire portfolio, and improving payments with localized information, this is one decision that shouldn’t need a lot of time and consideration. 



For those busy feeding the world, their cattle, or their corn, Barchart knows that Farmers don’t have extra hours in their day. That’s why we provide software solutions, weather data, proprietary crop production forecasts and grain price indexes, crop condition indexes, and best-in-class intraday and historical data from 4,000+ grain-buying facilities. 

Food Ingredients

If you are in the business of buying or procuring food ingredients, let Barchart assist you with our purpose-built suite of tools designed for your needs. Your day-to-day work requires you to assess demand, forecast pricing, and minimize risks associated with ingredients. Simplify and source smarter with data, analytics, and tools, aimed at your success. 

Regardless of the industry, Barchart is here to provide solutions and data to support you. Our workflows and solutions streamline your role while giving you all the data and tools necessary for decision-making. To learn more about the solutions needed for you and your industry, visit our website