Dec 16 2021

Access Global Container Freight Data in cmdtyView!

We’re excited to announce that we have partnered with Freightos, the global freight booking platform, to compare quotes across air, ocean and trucking.

Through this partnership, Freightos will join our Commodity Pricing Network (CPN), making the Freightos Baltic Index, the world’s only daily and benchmark-approved international container freight index, available to users over cmdtyView Pro, cmdtyView for Excel, as well as through an API subscription or Enterprise Data Service.

Over the past year, we have added many leading data providers to the CPN in an effort to diversify our pricing network, bring transparency to the commodity markets, and improve the decision-making processes of commodity professionals around the world. 

By streamlining the booking and shipping of international freight helping importers and exporters make critical business decisions, Freightos diversifies our network even further. We look forward to growing our partnership with Freightos to improve the workflow of logistics teams around the world.
To learn more or to subscribe to pricing data from Freightos, please click here. To unlock access to Barchart’s distribution through the cmdty Pricing Network, please click here.

Interested in joining the cmdty Pricing network? It's simple, fast, and once approved, you'll be on your way to unlocking the benefits of our global network. Simply contact us here to get started on your free application.