Oct 26 2021

Take your research and analysis to the next level with Barchart for Excel

Barchart for Excel gives users the ability to access natively in Excel via an add-in that provides complete market data in Excel coverage for stocks, ETFs, indexes, options, futures, forex and cryptocurrencies.  On top of those markets, users can access hundreds of fundamental and technical data fields, like financial ratios, corporate actions, high/lows, support and resistance levels, volatility data, pivot points and much more.  Users can also access dynamic lists that come from Barchart, like Top Stocks, Unusual Options Activity and Performance Leaders across markets.  With Barchart for Excel, your trading and investing world is unlocked. 

Key benefits of Barchart for Excel include:

Stream Real-Time Stock Quotes Directly in Spreadsheets

Work directly in Excel with real-time streaming updates, including tick-by-tick trades, and dynamic bid/ask and volume updates.

Get Extensive and Instant Access to Historical Data

Instantly download Daily, Minute, Tick and customizable time periods...including adjustments for Stocks like Splits and Dividends, and for Futures like Nearest and Continuation, with customizable roll periods.  

Compare Fundamentals and Technicals Across Companies

Quickly analyze hundreds of fundamental data series, including financial ratios, corporate actions, company profiles, balance sheets, income statements, and cash flow data across U.S., Canadian, European and Australian stocks

Sync your Watchlists and Portfolios 

Instantly access saved Watchlists and Portfolios from  Additionally, any Custom Views that are created in can be used in Barchart for Excel.  Custom views can be applied to any quote tables or lists that are inserted into Excel.  

Build Financial Models

Combine price and fundamental data such as current share prices, P/E ratios, EPS, Dividends and EBITDA, to create financial forecasts.

Options Analysis

View the latest Unusual Options Activity, chart options strategies, access historical option prices, and greeks, analyze implied volatility rankings, build volatility skews, and much more.  

Technical Study Data

Access moving averages, stochastics, bollinger bands, and hundreds of additional technical data fields, including technical study data as a time series.  Build reliable technical analysis data into your strategies to improve your entry and exits. 

Build Custom Charts

Build custom charts using Excel’s native chart functionality and Barchart’s market data, as well as integrate and overlay custom data sets.  Native Excel chart styles can also be applied to Portfolio holdings.

Apply Excel Functions

Apply Excel functions to Barchart data, such as STDEV, Moving Averages, and logical arguments.

Create Custom Worksheets and Reports:  

Create custom Worksheets in Excel with unique formats, styling, and data tables.  Additionally, Excel features like Macros and Pivot Tables can be used to create financial analysis reports.

Whether you’re a trader, investor, broker, analyst, or financial advisor, Barchart for Excel has the tools you need to succeed.  Register for a free trial here to get started.