Oct 11 2021

cmdtyView for Food and Beverage professionals

Food and beverage professionals need access to data and tools that allow them to stay informed, forecast demand, and make the right buying decisions.  Delivered entirely from a native HTML5 application, cmdtyView Pro is designed to be a true end-to-end workflow solution for food and beverage professionals. 

Here’s how you can benefit: 

Access The Data You Need

Get access to our global coverage of grains, fruits, vegetables, and other food ingredients in real-time with exclusive pricing, estimates, and forecasts on the datasets that matter to your business.  Our domestic and international benchmarks provide an objective and localized measure of price. Get smart, transparent, and accurate benchmark price assessments for any product, from any location to power any decision. 

Take your research and analysis to the next level

Take the data you already pay for and power your complex models directly in Excel – all as part of your cmdtyView Pro license.  Build highly scalable models using our global data warehouse and keep your internal and external stakeholders informed.

With cmdtyView for Excel, you can build models that help you identify opportunities, power reports, or satisfy near-term deliverables faster than you thought possible. 

Visually Analyze Commodity Data

Bring deep sets of data to life with our powerful geospatial mapping technology.  

With our geospatial mapping intelligence, you can take any data that has a geospatial component to it, and make it available within cmdtyView’s mapping. This includes cash grain bids, grain indexes, yield forecasts, and various other data sets.  

With cmdtyView Food and Beverage Professionals can analyze data, make a decision, and then quickly put it into action from any location and any connected device. To learn more about cmdtyView or start a free trial, please visit our website.