Oct 5 2021

Data and Tools for Asset Managers

Asset managers demand powerful market data and tools to quickly identify investment opportunities and strategically plan asset allocation.  Manage operational risks, create effective investment strategies, and work more efficiently with market data solutions from Barchart.
Here's how you can benefit:

Identify investment opportunities and spot risk

Barchart provides access to the most comprehensive suite of market data services covering a broad range of asset classes across the globe.  With access to our extensive market data, you can identify investment opportunities and spot risk. 

Create engaging user experiences

Use our digital content and tools to create engaging user experiences for your clients.  From fully managed, bespoke financial portals to semi-custom content modules, our solutions can power your customer-facing application with dynamic market data, tools, and market intelligence.

Barchart’s Digital Solutions can be integrated using the delivery mechanism of your choice, and this flexibility allows Barchart to tailor our solution to your needs.

Power your products with reliable market data

Power your mission-critical software products with reliable market data and programmatically perform fundamental analysis at scale with market data APIs.  


Data can be delivered in multiple formats including XML, JSON and CSV, making them easy-to-use and integrate.  Barchart OnDemand is compatible with any operating system, such as Windows, Linux, iOS or Android, and any programming language, such as Java, PHP or ASP.NET.

Level up your research and analysis capabilities

With market data services spanning across various asset classes and geographies, we connect you directly to the markets you need.  On top of global pricing data, we also support company-related information such as company profiles, analyst ratings, analyst estimates, and financial statements.  

Take your research and analysis to the next level by bringing data into excel with Barchart for Excel.  With Barchart for Excel, you can extend your market analysis and take advantage of Excel functions and calculations.   

With Barchart’s comprehensive suite of financial data, analytics and tools for asset managers, you can quickly identify investment opportunities, strategically plan asset allocation and simplify your workflow. To learn more about the solutions available to you, please visit our website or contact us at