Sep 30 2021

Ag Workflows in 2021

Barchart is dedicated to improving the workflows of merchandisers and agribusinesses across the country.  We surveyed leaders and executives in the Ag industry to see how agribusinesses manage their workflows and gain insight into where innovation in the industry might be headed.    

In conducting our survey, we found that adoption of new technology is the biggest challenge faced by agribusinesses, followed by market volatility & risk, and competition.

Adopting new technology has consistently been a challenge across various industries and as we develop new and innovative products we are always striving to create a seamless integration process.  With the cmdty by Barchart product line, you can get the commodity data and tools you need - built entirely around your workflow.  Our broad data and customizable delivery capabilities allow you to scale your workflows, minimize risk, and maximize profit.  

When asked “where in the Agriculture ecosystem do you see the most opportunity for technology disruption,” the majority of respondents said, “between farmers and agribusinesses”.  

We also see the importance of improving communication and workflows between farmers and agribusinesses, which is why we created Marketplace Apps.  Marketplace connects your merchandisers to their customers and provides farmers with access to scale tickets, contracts, balances, settlements and offers right on their phones.  Additionally, with access to the cmdty Connect API, you can manage your elevator's offers, scale tickets, contracts, balances, and more!  

The majority of respondents believe that documents - e.g. contracts, tickets, etc. are likely to digitize fastest and have the biggest impact between farmers and agribusinesses.

We agree!  Which is why our marketplace apps feature eSign.  With eSign, you can electronically send grain contracts for signature to producers and show scale tickets directly in the app, simplifying the producer experience. Giving your growers all the information they need right at their fingertips has never been easier!  Schedule a demo of Marketplace here

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