Sep 8 2021

New Features and Content Now Available in cmdtyView!

Your commodity trading and analysis just got an upgrade! We recently added a series of enhancements to cmdtyView, the leading real-time grain trading platform.  With enhanced charting, global production forecasts, Brazilian grain prices and updated chat, your ability to make smarter decisions and drive your business forward has never been easier.

New features and content available within cmdtyView includes:

  • Two new fields on the quote board called ‘Contract High’ and ‘Contract Low’
  • A new consolidated settings dialog accessible via the gear icon on the quote board
  • A new real-time header to charts which displays the current session OHLC
  • A new 'clickable' horizontal legend to seasonal charts
  • A new horizontal legend to comparison charts and improved the cursor tracking window
  • The ability to adjust the Seasonal chart color and line weight
  • A completely rebuilt Exchange Traded Spreads window, built to optimize your trading analysis
  • The ability to filter by spread type and expiration
  • The ability to Export data to Excel and CSV
  • New fields including Open, High, Low, Settle and Prev Settle
  • A completely rebuilt and fortified trade execution library which connects to CQG for futures execution
  • Enhanced chat dialog that allows users to open multiple chat windows
  • A new right click functionality to copy the strike and add it directly to a quote board
  • Social sign-on support for Google, Apple, Twitter, Microsoft and more!

We also added several new datasets including: 

We are dedicated to continuously improving and enhancing our products with new features for our customers.  To explore these features yourself, you can start a free trial of cmdtyView here. To learn more about any of our services drop us a line at or reach out here -