How Ag Lenders Can Make Better Lending Decisions

How Ag Lenders Can Make Better Lending Decisions

The role of the ag lender, and the composition of the firms in this space has evolved significantly over time and continues to evolve to this day. As technology has improved, and the ability to price and monitor a loan from anywhere in the country has emerged, more players are competing for ag lending business and more non-traditional lenders have entered the space. Utilizing reliable ag lending solutions and tools to make decisions is critical to succeeding in this competitive market.

Here’s a few ways Ag Lenders can make better lending decisions:

1. Simplify your Collateral Valuation

It’s your job to understand what price a producer will ultimately get for their crop and our tools make it easier to do this than you thought imaginable. Our Grain Price and Basis Indexes are the only benchmark for physical grain in North America and allow you to easily value collateral in real-time across a twelve month forward curve to support daily mark-to-market processes and faster loan pricing decisions.

Grain Basis Index

2. Perform Sensitivity Analysis

Use our data to help you prepare base case and sensitivity analyses on the borrower’s cash flow and repayment ability. Our deep historical production data, forward estimates on yield, and benchmark pricing for basis and cash will allow you to build models as complex or as simple as you need. Did we mention that all of our commodity data can be used in Excel?

Yield Estimates

3. Improve your loan pricing

Why wait for the USDA to provide you with the information you need to manage your loan portfolio. Estimate production value with our forward prices and yield estimates. This allows you to provide more competitive pricing, while reducing risk. We help you provide clients with the information they need to ensure a successful harvest - and a solid return for your capital.

cmdty Yield Forecast

Our solutions for Ag Lenders are built to help you make better ag lending decisions. With ag lending benchmarks, yield forecasts, physical grain prices, and fundamental ag data, our products reduce risk and help your clients to achieve success. To learn more about our solutions for Ag Lending drop us a line at or reach out here.