Top Features for Futures Traders to Increase Engagement on your Website

Futures Market Survey

Curious what drives futures market participants? So were we, which is why we surveyed over 400 people to further understand how different audiences interact with the futures markets, on which platforms, and for what purposes. The responses came from four unique audiences: a General Online Audience, surveyed on Facebook; a Business Professional Audience, surveyed on LinkedIn; an Active Investor Audience, surveyed on; and a Listed Derivatives Audience, surveyed through the John Lothian Newsletter. We compiled these results into a Futures Market Survey: What Drives Futures Market Participants.

In the survey we asked respondents, who indicated that they trade futures, what they want to see more of. Respondents were allowed to select up to 3 choices from the following: Trading Signals, Commodity Market News, Algo Building Tools, Better Charting, Faster Data, Data APIs, Free Market Data, Less Data, Lower Commissions, Trading Education, Online Trading Rooms, Market Alerts, Streaming Data in Excel, Social Features, Nothing or Other. Check out the results below!

Features for Futures Traders

Using these results we’ve outlined some of the top features futures traders want more of and explain how you can add these to your customer-facing application

Free Data

Who doesn’t love getting free data? On our financial portal, we offer a free membership with limited access to data and tools, and a premier membership with full access. We’ve found offering limited free data and tools is a great way to drive user engagement. Adding free futures data to your website is a simple and effective way to increase user engagement.

Faster Data

Futures traders are looking for fast and reliable data. Barchart Stream simplifies your workflows by consolidating global exchange data and offers a cost-saving approach to accessing low-latency market data in original exchange format. Our proprietary technology consolidates and compresses your data while maintaining the speed, accuracy and reliability of tick-for-tick raw exchange feeds making it easy to provide your users with fast and reliable futures data.

Better Charting

Our streaming interactive charts are an extremely popular tool on You can add interactive charts to your own website with our Interactive Charting Solution. Available through our HTML5 Charting Library and Interactive Charting Widgets, we make it easy to provide your users with the advanced charting they want. Check out the video below to learn more about our interactive chart offering.

HTML5 Charting

Trading Signals

Trading signals offer Buy, Sell, and Hold recommendations and are an extremely valuable feature for Futures Traders. Our getSignal API provides the Barchart Technical Opinion / Signal (buy, sell or hold) based on a variety of short, medium and long-term technical indicators based on a symbol. Trading signals are a great way to draw in users and increase engagement.

Commodity Market News

Traders need access to up-to-date market news and information. Give futures traders what they need to make critical decisions by integrating commodity market news into your customer-facing application. cmdtyNewswires delivers actionable news, market analysis, and proprietary data sets with simple integration.

Commodity News

Futures traders are looking for valuable data and tools that enable them to make better trading decisions. Providing traders with the data and tools they need drives user engagement and increases customer acquisition. You can find more insights on what drives futures market participants by downloading our futures market survey here. To learn more about the solutions available to you contact us at