How Financial Publishers Can Increase Engagement

As a Financial Publisher, you can increase user engagement by providing users with useful financial data and investing tools that will keep them coming back and engaged with your site. Seems simple enough, but you’re probably wondering which tools will provide the most value to your customers. Luckily for you, we’ve done the heavy lifting. Our financial portal,, is one of the top financial media sites and in this blog post, we’ve outlined some of the top tools that keep our users engaged. We also explain how you can add these features to your site through our digital solutions.


One of our most popular site features is our streaming interactive charts. Built entirely from the ground up, our interactive charting provides desktop and mobile users with access to fast, interactive charts designed to be easy-to-use yet powerful for the most serious of users. With dozens of studies, tools, settings and chart types,’s interactive charts help investors and traders navigate and analyze the financial markets.

Available through our HTML5 Charting Library and Interactive Charting Widgets, we make it easy to power your products with the most beautiful financial charts available. With our HTML Charting Library you can use our data or data you already have to power streaming charts. Our charting library is completely customizable, deployed on your servers and built for teams with developer resources. With our interactive charting widgets you can copy and paste beautiful charts into your website or product - all with data included. It offers enormous features in a refreshingly small package with minimal development required.

Check out the video below to see all of the features packed into our Charting Solution:

HTML5 Charting Library

Portfolio Solutions

Portfolios from Barchart Digital are a proven tool to engage users and drive your sales funnel through a customizable, high performance, API-based system.

Stock Portfolio Tool

Use our battle-tested portfolio system with your UI or let Barchart deliver a fully responsive and dynamic user experience that will incent user engagement and monetize regardless of your economic model. See for yourself! Demo our portfolio solution here.

Watchlist Solutions

Nothing drives registrations and subscriptions more effectively than a watchlist tool! Watchlist is consistently the most used tool on We make it easy to design, build, and deploy watchlists on your financial website.

Stock Watchlist Tool

Whether you prefer to use our Watchlist APIs with your UI or let Barchart create a custom solution, adding watchlists to your website will incent user engagement and monetization regardless of your economic model.

Market Data Alerts

Offering market alerts is valued by end user clients of financial, media and commodity firms, and we provide this service to third-parties. Our data-driven alert distribution service provides firms with the ability to easily integrate event-based alert using any data that is available within Barchart’s ecosystem into their websites, software, mobile apps and internal systems. As an API-based managed service, third-parties can easily build their own interface around the service which then monitors user specified conditions in real-time and notifies users via text message, email notifications, iOS/Android push notifications, or a web service, when an alert is triggered.

Market Data Alerts

Use as much or as little of our services as you need. If you just need a backend and want to control the front-end yourself that’s great - we’ve got your back.

Financial investors are looking for valuable tools that enable them to make better trading decisions. By providing them with the tools they need, they’ll continue to come back and engage with your website. From fully managed, bespoke financial portals to semi-custom content modules, our solutions can power your customer facing application with dynamic data, tools, and market intelligence. Contact us at to get started.