Corporate Actions API

Corporate Actions API

Access to reliable corporate actions data is critically important to make better decisions, reduce risk, and accurately track changes that impact securities in your investment universe. With Barchart’s Corporate Actions Data APIs you can access corporate action data on thousands of publicly-traded companies and stay up-to-date on the latest public information.

Corporate Actions Data API

Corporate Actions API

The getCorporateActions API provides reliable corporate actions data on equities. Stay up-to-date on the latest public information with instant access to splits, dividends, name or symbol changes and earnings, based on a symbol.

Dividend Stocks API

The getDividendStocks API returns dividend info for all US instruments

Dividend Data API

The getDividendStocks API provides the most recent dividend data for requested instruments.


The getCorporateActions API provides splits or dividends data for US equities, mutual funds and Canadian equities by exchange.

Who Can Benefit From Barchart’s Corporate Actions APIs

Professional Traders

Know with certainty which dividends and other major corporate actions fall into option and future expiries with data you can rely on.

Risk Managers

Understand firmwide exposures with dependable data you can easily build into your risk software and workflows.

Index Providers

Ensure high-quality index calculations and perform robust backtests with reliable corporate action information that is simple to ingest

How Can You Access Barchart’s Corporate Actions APIs?

Barchart’s OnDemand APIs can return data in multiple formats (XML, JSON or CSV) making them easy-to-use and integrated. To get started, contact us and we’ll send you your unique API key. Once you have your API key you can customize your queries using the inputs found in the API documentation.

For example, the below call returns the dividend data for Amazon and Apple with a start data of 1/1/2013 and end data 2013-6/30/2013 in JSON.

You can also query for XML, or CSV by changing the extension of the API. See the bolded section in the API query below.

In addition to delivery through an API, Barchart’s corporate actions data can also be delivered through a streaming data feed or through a custom digital solution.

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Corporate Actions Data API Pricing

Our OnDemand service pricing is based on usage, meaning you only pay for the amount of data you use. We can scale up our services in a matter of seconds and offer versatile packages tailored to your specific needs that range from small to enterprise solutions. Whether you are looking for a fully custom or off-the-shelf solution, our flexible market data APIs can be tailored to include only the data you need. With direct connectivity to the exchanges, our OnDemand solution is completely platform-independent so you can receive the financial market data you need in any operating system or programming language. Barchart OnDemand delivers a truly reliable and scalable cloud-based solution. To learn more about our Corporate Action APIs contact us at