Three Things to Look For in a Financial Data Provider

Both technology and data are more accessible than ever before, which can leave you feeling completely lost when it comes to finding the right provider for you. Where do you even start? Because there are so many options, we want to help you narrow it down by sharing the top 3 traits that we think are most important for individuals to look for in a financial market data provider.

1. Reliable

First and foremost, what is a partnership without reliability? You need to be able to rely on your data provider in order to provide your clients with the best solutions possible. Barchart is relied on by all sorts of demanding individuals and institutions to deliver high-availability, high-quality market data and technology solutions.

We connect directly to the markets we service, which include equities, futures, options, indices and foreign exchange, as well as dozens of news providers and other sources of data. Through Amazon Web Services we maintain multiple data centers throughout the United States, this ensures optimal reliability and redundancy of our data.

Our client base is diverse, ranging from financial services (exchanges, brokers and banks) to trading and investment firms, commodity firms (agricultural, energy and metals) to media. Want to see what our clients say about us? Check out our case studies page. To top it off, Barchart is led by industry veterans in both technology and finance, offering impressive, in-depth knowledge of the financial technology industry.

2. Flexible

Another key trait that we think your data provider should possess is flexibility. Everyone’s end-goal, product, and workflows are different, which means you should never settle for a one-size-fits-all approach. This is why at Barchart, we’re dedicated to tailoring our solutions to fit our clients' specific business needs.

From fully managed, bespoke financial portals to semi-custom content modules, our solutions power customer facing applications with dynamic data, tools, and market intelligence. Our digital solutions, such as watchlists, portfolios, and interactive charts, can be integrated using the delivery mechanism of our clients’ choice. This flexibility allows Barchart to tailor our solutions to users’ exact needs.

3. Scalable

Lastly, it is important that the data you are receiving from your financial data provider is scalable. As your demands change, your data provider should be able to easily adapt to those changes. Barchart’s infrastructure is redundant, fast, and secure, allowing it to grow with users’ business.

With the ability to scale up our services in a matter of seconds, our next-generation solutions were designed and built for the cloud, allowing users’ business-critical tools and content to always be available, regardless of traffic.

There are endless options when it comes to finding the perfect financial data provider for you and your specific needs. Our customers count on Barchart to deliver high-quality data, and we take great pride in serving and supporting our clients at the highest level, with flexible, scalable solutions. To learn more about how our solutions can help you, please contact us.