Here's what's in store for our Yield Forecasts in 2020...

Do you remember when we correctly predicted 2019 USDA soybean yield figures three months in advance? We thought this feat was pretty unforgettable, but if you need a reminder, in the incredibly volatile 2019 growing season, our users were rewarded with spot on information that matched the USDA’s final soybean yield number with amazing accuracy! Luckily for you, these estimates will be available for free on a semi-monthly basis during the 2020 growing season beginning this June. Users can subscribe to these estimates through our free report to get access to the benchmark national yield estimates and forecasts for corn and soybeans from all major field crop producing states every 2 weeks.

Yield Forecast Estimates

We’re also taking our yield estimates a step further with Daily 2020 Yield Forecast Indexes for corn and soybeans, including county and crop reporting district forecasts, available to Barchart cmdtyView Pro subscribers.

Barchart’s cmdty yield estimates are built on geospatially generated data which is fed into machine learning models that evolve with each growing season. Calculated daily and covering more than 3,000 growing areas within the United States, cmdty Yield Forecast Indexes are available at the national level and all the way down to the county level for both corn and soybeans. Historical data is available back to 2014.

Corn and Soybean Price Estimates

We know it’s obvious that having better information around USDA yield and production forecast releases is important, but what can you do with this sort of information? Here are some examples of how clients can use cmdty Yield Forecasts Indexes to increase profits and make better decisions.

  • Ag Lending - Combine yield estimates with our cash grain forward curves to value collateral and potential farm income better than ever before
  • Crop Insurance - Use our yield forecasts to more accurately understand risk - on a forward looking and historical basis with daily forecasts available back to 2014.
  • Crop Marketing - With forecast data that is ahead of the curve you can build robust pricing models for futures. Combine with our basis indexes to customize a crop marketing strategy.
  • Commodity Trading - Get accurate data ahead of the USDA reports. With daily updated yields starting at the county-level you can be ahead of the curve and position yourself accordingly.

Our yield estimates are a game changer for Ag professionals looking to get ahead and believe it or not we’re just getting started! Take a look at our full 2020 Yield Forecast Roadmap:

  • Free Report - A portion of cmdty’s 2020 yield estimates are available for free on a semi-monthly basis through our Yield Forecast Report and will be released ahead of the USDA’s Crop Production and WASDE reports.
  • Daily Updates - Daily 2020 Yield Forecast Indexes for corn and soybeans, including county and crop reporting district forecasts, will be made available to all subscribers of cmdtyView Pro, the leading software for commodity analytics, at no additional cost.
  • New Whitepaper - In May cmdty will be releasing a whitepaper titled “Using Grain Yield Estimates to Predict Commodity Prices”. For early access, please reach out to
  • API Access - Users can also access the estimates via API for use in enterprise applications and apps. Learn more about how our forecasts and indexes are used by ag lending, crop insurance, and AgTech to build better products and services.
  • Livestream Series - We will be broadcasting insights around yield expectations throughout the growing season with new streams each month. Our first stream will cover the whitepaper and will be available in May.

You can stay up to date on product updates and announcements by subscribing to our email list. To learn more about any of our services drop us a line at or reach out here.