Historical Data and Price APIs

Historical Financial Data is often used for custom analytics, interactive charting, building the next great financial app, quickly deploying back-offices, risk management groups, or accounting systems - but the right data for your specific needs can be hard to find - especially if you need any customization. Barchart’s historical financial data is created from our real-time data feeds, and our APIs make it as simple as possible to build reliable data into your products and services.

We’re here to help, so we’ve broken down how you can easily access this historical data...

What Kind of Historical Data Is Available?

Whether you’re looking for a data feed or a historical data API, Barchart gets you access to the data you need. Our historical data coverage includes Equities, Futures, Cash Commodities, Forex, Crypto, Mutual Funds, and Indices. Barchart can customize packages of this data to suit any and all specific needs.

How Is The Data Delivered?

Our historical financial data is sourced directly from each exchange, consolidated and compressed into our proprietary format—then the data is fed directly from our servers to the end-user and can be accessed by a one-time purchase of bulk information, or can also be part of a recurring subscription. Users can access our data via leased-line, the internet, cross connect, Java Api or .net API

Through our Barchart OnDemand service, we support both GET and POST requests as well as SOAP. Data can be delivered in multiple formats including XML, JSON and CSV, and can be streamed over WebSockets. We’re compatible with any operating system, such as Windows, Linux, iOS or Android, and any programming language, such as Python, Java, PHP, R, or ASP.NET.

Why Use Barchart’s Historical Data?

  • Spend more time focusing on your customers, product, and marketing by relying on high-quality historical data from Barchart.
  • Access tick-level information, bid ask data, and depth of market through APIs or File Services
  • Power beautiful charts and other client engagement tools with historical data through Barchart Digital services
  • Available as part of a recurring subscription or through a one-time purchase of bulk information – Barchart can customize a package to suit your needs and deliver research-ready data to you today

Now What?

Your decisions, products, and services are only as good as the data you have, and with Barchart’s historical financial data, we’re confident you’ll be able to make the best ones. No matter your specific needs, Barchart can customize a package to suit your needs. Get started today by contacting us here, or send us an email at