Make Better Grain Marketing Decisions with Price Assessments from cmdty

Whether you want to quickly identify where local basis values sit relative to historical expectations, identify under/overvalued grain prices across the country to benefit from positive carry, or build predictive models to make better grain marketing decisions, price assessments from cmdty by Barchart can support your business decisions in ways that no other U.S. grain data product can offer.

Cash Grain Prices

Specific users cases across our covered user profiles are enumerated below:

  • Producer - Make better decisions around selling, storing, and transporting their grain with historical basis pricing. Build robust historical seasonality models and quickly understand where pricing opportunities exist to get better than average rates for your crop.
  • Grain Buyers - Dynamically position your portfolio to take advantage of discrepancies in pricing across their distribution networks. Opportunities to profit from better information on current/forward markets, along with better forecasts on future basis price movements scale with the size of the operation. The larger your operation, the more impact the cmdty Grain Price Index Family can have.
  • Market Advisory Services – Build highly scalable models to quickly automate the discovery of client recommendations for grain marketing. Utilize these capabilities to create accurate basis and cash price forecasts to ensure that your portfolio of clients are well positioned to benefit from changes in both basis and futures.
  • Ag Lenders – Easily value collateral in real-time across a twelve month forward curve to support daily mark-to-market processes and faster loan pricing decisions. Decrease loan losses by using better information to guide decisions, and provide more transparency to your producers with objective reference prices.
  • Processors – Build an unparalleled view of the entire grain buying marketplace. Quickly see where grain is under/over priced by region and delivery window with real-time forward curves and make better sourcing decisions. Opportunistically purchase excess supply for storage where seasonally adjusted pricing sits well below established norms.
  • Trading Houses – Identify arbitrage opportunities across your grain buying / transportation network, and make decisions faster than ever before. Understand where trading is most profitable across geographic areas and delivery tenor to unlock even more positive carry opportunities than ever before. Build price projection models using basis to identify optimal contract terms across your entire portfolio and create scale in your operations.
  • Food Companies - Forecast demand, understand price, and de-risk your supply chain like never before. Leverage our objective pricing to strike long-term contracts with your suppliers and ensure that you’re always getting a fair value.Integrate streaming fair values into your internal system via API to value each stage of your supply chain in real-time. Build accurate basis and cash price forecasts to make better planning decisions.

While we’ve covered a broad array of use cases for multiple user personas, there are many other ways that end-users can leverage independent data from cmdty by Barchart to power their business processes. With the cmdty Grain Index Family, making better grain marketing decisions, analyzing opportunities across the supply chain, or benchmarking your supplier contracts has never been easier.

As the leader in workflow solutions for agriculture, cmdty by Barchart has unparalleled insight into physical grain markets and best-in-class cash grain prices from over 4,000 grain buying locations across North America.

Users can access the cmdty Grain Index Family through Barchart OnDemand APIs, the flagship cmdtyView® data platform, or the powerful cmdtyView Excel add-in. To learn more about how cmdty can help you make better grain marketing decisions drop us a line at or reach out here.