Increase engagement with responsive portfolio tools

Portfolio Tools

Quality market data drives user engagement and activation. Supercharge your site with investor tools that scale to your needs! Portfolios Solutions from Barchart are a proven tool to engage users and drive your sales funnel through a customizable, high performance, API-based system.

Barchart’s Portfolio Solutions bring powerful functionality to clients utilizing our responsive Digital Solutions – and to clients deploying their own front-end tools. Use our battle-tested portfolio system with your UI or let Barchart deliver a fully responsive and dynamic user experience that will incent user engagement and monetization regardless of your economic model.

Digital Portfolio Solutions

Barchart’s broad financial data ecosystem allows Portfolio OnDemand clients to integrate 3rd-party content and our own proprietary measures – creating unmatched context for users to view their holdings. You can also integrate our Charting Solution for optimal user engagement. Whether you're building a desktop client or mobile apps - our tools scale to meet your needs. See for yourself! Demo our portfolio solution here.