How the cmdty Media Network Helps Farm Broadcasters Engage Their Audiences

As of 2019, there are 2.6 million farmers and ranchers across the United States who work day in and day out producing food that individuals from across the world consume every day[1]. Some are dairy farmers, others are ranchers, and some grow corn. However, they all have one thing in common; they all rely on farm broadcasting services to receive vital and local information that helps keep their operations running smoothly.

Most agricultural laborers (a person who performs physical work in fields and on farms) don’t use or even have desks. For these individuals, their truck, tractor, and combine is what they consider to be their office, so being able to receive information on-the-go is a necessary requirement to stay connected. From TV to ag radio and podcasts, farm broadcasting is the only way to make all of this possible.

As a farm broadcaster, these individuals are responsible for keeping ag professionals informed and up to speed on what’s happening in their area, so it’s necessary for them to be able to access the information their listeners and viewers need quickly. Important information that’s vital to their audience includes local grain prices, information on basis, weather conditions and forecasts, agricultural news and reports, and much more. With the need for a substantial amount of data, it can be challenging to find all of the tools they need for their audience in one place. Additionally, access to this information can come with a hefty price tag. Luckily for these broadcasting networks, cmdty by Barchart now offers a solution that makes access to this information more effortless than ever before.

As a leading provider of commodity data and agribusiness solutions, we wanted to provide agri-media professionals with a simple solution to engage their audiences with agricultural market intel, unique insights, news, and market data. Introducing the cmdty Media Network - the most accessible source for farm broadcasting networks to receive all of the necessary tools they need entirely for free. Besides access to ag market data and local information, the cmdty Media Network is loaded with numerous amounts of other valuable benefits for agri-media broadcasters and networks to benefit from. From free software to connection with ag market analysts, and free access to exclusive commodity events, the cmdty Media Network sets up farm broadcasters for success.

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One of the best parts about the cmdty Media Network is that the data and information members have access to is local to their audience’s area, making the content broadcasters provide even more useful and engaging.

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What’s even better is that applying to join is super easy! All that you have to do is fill out a quick application, spend some time with a member of our team learning about the tools, and start broadcasting engaging data and information to your audiences (while attributing cmdty by Barchart when you broadcast this information, of course). It’s really that easy!

Ready to apply? All you have to do is click on this link, fill out the form application and a member of our team will contact you shortly. If you’re not ready to apply just yet, but you want to learn more, you can view more information and download our factsheet by clicking here.