Jul 23 2019

A peak into our new whitepaper on how agribusinesses and grain buyers manage cash grain workflows

We just announced the release of our new whitepaper which was constructed based on the results of an extensive survey of leading agribusinesses and grain buyers about how they manage their workflows surrounding physical grain. Why would this be helpful you may ask? The agricultural industry is constantly evolving with new technologies and we want you to be equipped with the tools you need to stay at the forefront of it all.

In the whitepaper, you can learn how to simplify your everyday tasks to make smarter, faster decisions. For example, are you tracking your grain bid data in the most efficient way possible? Per the survey, 65% of agribusinesses use competitor websites to track their grain bids and only 30% have the upper hand of using software and data feeds. With software and data feeds – these agribusiness can build processes that allow the business to scale in both the present and future.

How do you track grain bids today?

Another example is that most agribusinesses, 67% to be exact, think that having historical bids in their platforms is important – however 68% either don’t have historical cash bids in their real-time platform at all or aren’t sure. The whitepaper outlines how successful firms will position their merchandisers with these specific tools and more in order to place themselves at a competitive advantage.

This whitepaper additionally lets you in on all of the tools available and how to best leverage our solutions to simplify your workflows. With cmdtyView Pro, you can access all of the data you need in one place, including historical basis and cash price index values that allows you to easily compare local bids to historical seasonality patterns.

With access to historical data on over 4,000 individual grain buying locations – down to county level – our workflows around data collection and maintenance provide built-in scale to agribusinesses. Users can leverage this information to identify whenever basis is out of its historical range in real-time, investigate possible reasons, develop a forecast for basis, and deploy a multi-tier grain marketing strategy to maximize profit for themselves and advisory clients.

Find out how else you can match your workflows to today’s ever-changing ag industry and ensure that you are always on the forefront of technology trends by downloading the whitepaper today! To download the whitepaper please click here.