Provide live scrap metal pricing to your network with our branded mobile apps

Tired of out-dated scrap yard apps with limited functions? We’ve got the solution for you! Powered by market data, our branded mobile apps for scrap yards provide live pricing to scrappers from all of your locations in real-time. Our built-in chat feature makes it easy to negotiate deals with your customers while push notifications ensure your scrap pricing and messages are delivered in real-time. With better information, your customers can make faster decisions with less effort from you.

Scrap Yard Apps

The best part is we deliver you a branded mobile app in days, not weeks and pack it with the features that matter to your user base. You can be running your scrap yard from your phone within days!

Features of our Branded Scrap Yard Apps includes:

Scrap Yard Prices

Provide live scrap metal pricing to scrappers from all of your locations in real-time.

Negotiate deals in real-time with chat that links your desktop with scrapper phones. You’ll never be more productive and engaged with your customers.

Futures Pricing
Make your app the go-to dashboard for your scrappers. Stream all the metals futures data they rely on into a beautiful app that features your brand, bids, and employees.

Give your users access to premium news through cmdty Newswires. Our highly engaging content will keep your scrappers coming back for more.

Scrap Yard Price App

Provide your scrappers with free access to your scrap yard app today. Contact us here to get started.