Build your own production forecasts at the state and national level with our excel template

Crop Production Forecast

Designed for deep analysis and research, cmdtyView Excel can help you automate and improve your workflows. We’ve made it even easier to take your research and analysis to the next level with our gallery of Add-In templates which can be used to create stunning visualizations that leverage all of the data in our ecosystem. One of our most popular templates is our Crop Production Forecast.

This template provides users with a platform to build their own production forecasts at the state and national level. Historical USDA data (2016-2018) on acres planted, acres harvested, yield, and production is available in the worksheet and provides the user with a simple way to build their own estimates for harvested acres based on 2019 USDA estimates.

Using historical grain prices and USDA forecasted acreage data, this workbook provides users with a framework to create their own harvest estimates. Advanced users may also incorporate county-level grain prices or pull in the cmdty Grain Price Index forward curve to identify opportunities for hedging or speculation

When used in combination with the cmdty Yield Forecast Indexes users can use this template to build a bottom-up or top-down view of national grain production (across Soybeans and Corn) and compare this with USDA estimates.

Yield Forecast Estimate

Speaking of our Yield Forecast Indexes, did you know a portion of our 2020 yield estimates are available for free on a semi-monthly basis through our Yield Forecast Report? Released on the first and third Tuesday of each month this report allows you to identify areas of opportunity before traditional USDA reports. Register for our Yield Forecast Report here.

US Corn and Soybean

While you’re at it, make sure to sign up for our 2020 Grain Market Update Livestream Series! In this webinar series we broadcast insights around grain yield expectations throughout the 2020 growing season. If you weren’t able to catch the first few livestreams, you can view a recording here.

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