Access Free Commodity Price Reports

We're excited to announce a new collaborative partnership with members of the cmdty Pricing Network (CPN) to democratize access to physical commodity prices through a series of free price reports.  We created the cmdty Pricing Network to bring transparency and efficiency to the entire grain ecosystem and are committed to showing the market that accurate pricing for commodities is accessible. As a price reporter, we collect wholesale data, apply an unbiased approach to normalizing it, and then distribute this data back out to our customers and members so they can operate more efficiently.  Through our CPN partners, we are able to democratize access to benchmark pricing for each major commodity asset class.  Our exclusive new price reports offer professionals access to free global pricing for Renewables, Food & Beverage, Energy, Agriculture, and Metals including:

SCB Group - Receive a snapshot of key international benchmarks for Ethanol and Biofuels from the leader in low-carbon fuel pricing. Subscribe to the SCB Group Price Report.

Evolution Markets - View pricing for RECS and global carbon pricing from the leading innovator in renewable energy and environmental products. Subscribe to Evolution Market’s Price Report.

Scrap Monster - Access wholesale pricing for major scrap metal benchmarks from Scrap Monster and analyze this data alongside Barchart's retail scrap metal indexes. Subscribe to Scrap Monster’s Price Report.

ClipperData - Receive weekly grain inspection forecasts from the leader in bulk commodity transportation allowing users to get ahead of government reports. Subscribe to ClipperData’s Price Report.

Oil Market Journal - Access OMJ's Weekly Outlook along with pricing and seasonals for key European CIF and FOB benchmarks. Subscribe to The Oil Market Journal Price Report.

Mintec - Receive weekly benchmark prices for food & beverage and associated materials to help analyze spend, manage costs, and source more strategically. Subscribe to Mintec’s Price Report.

For access to daily pricing for mark-to-market and trade analytics, users can subscribe to any of our CPN partner’s data through our flagship commodity trading platform cmdtyView, or through an enterprise data service. To subscribe to any of Barchart’s commodity price reports, please click here.  To stay in the loop on our latest product offerings sign up for product updates here  or drop us a line at to get started.