Wholesale Prices for Fruits now available in cmdtyView Pro!

Wholesale Fruit Data

We’re excited to announce that we’ve expanded our solutions for Ingredient Buying and Procurement by integrating wholesale prices for fruits into our leading database for global commodity statistics and fundamental data. With daily wholesale terminal prices for 100+ fruits commodities sold at major U.S. city terminal markets, you'll be better informed than ever before! Explore our wholesale prices for fruits here.

Wholesale Fruit Data

As with all offerings in the cmdty product line, this data sits alongside, and within, the innovative commodity trading platform, cmdtyView Pro. Our wholesale prices for fruits can also be accessed through cmdtyView Excel, or a simple-to-use API.

This data can be used to perform various analysis which includes but not limited to:

  • Analyze the seasonal and market trends in fruit prices with historical data dating back to January 2000.
  • Build greater confidence around your pricing with daily benchmark pricing for major U.S. city terminal markets. Recognize opportunities for savings or negotiations.
  • Analyze the trend in the movement of prices to identify opportunities to reduce costs and improve margins.

Pineapple Wholesale Prices

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