Company Profile APIs

Understand everything about a company faster than ever before, with exhaustive profile, executive, and earnings data all available through our Barchart OnDemand market data APIs for Profiles and Financial Data.

What Do You Get With a Company Profile API?

Subscribers to Barchart's company profile data get access to all of the information that matters on publicly traded companies. Whether you want to understand a company's key executives are, get an instant overview of past earnings, or see ratios on financial performance, our Company Profile APIs make it easy. 

Data includes:

  1. Coverage of thousands of companies
  2. Business summaries and key executives
  3. Industry, Sector, and Sub-Industry information
  4. Index membership
  5. Previous earnings information
  6. Key financial metrics (e.g. P/E Ratio, EPS Growth)

Who Uses a Company Profile API?

  1. Portfolio Managers: Build models that use our reliable profile data to quickly screen for companies matching your investment criteria.
  2. Web Developers: Create compelling visualizations that engage your users and allow them to dig deeper into their portfolios than ever before.
  3. Investor Relations: Your company needs to display information to attract potential investors. Integrate our broad data into your IR site today

What Company Profile APIs are Available?

  1. Stock Profile API: The getProfile API is used to request information about a publicly traded company, such as sector, industry, company description, CEO, recent earnings, P/E ratio, and address, based on symbol.
  2. Stock Financial Highlights API: The getFinancialHighlights API provides key financial highlights, ratios and statistics for equities based on symbol. Fields include market capitalization, revenue, net income, revenue growth and earnings per share.
  3. SEC Filings API: The getSECFilings API provides access to quarterly, annual and other required regulatory/SEC filings for U.S. publicly traded companies based on symbol.
  4. Stock Competitors API: Barchart OnDemand's getCompetitors API provides a list of related stock symbols (competitors) for an underlying stock input.
  5. View all of our market data APIs for Company Profiles and financial data here.

Barchart’s Company Profile APIs Pricing

Our OnDemand service pricing is based on usage, meaning you only pay for the amount of data you use. We’re able to scale up our services in a matter of seconds and offer versatile packages tailored to your specific needs that range from small to enterprise solutions.

Whether you are looking for a fully custom or off-the-shelf solution, our flexible market data APIs can be tailored to include only the data you need. With direct connectivity to the exchanges, our OnDemand solution is completely platform-independent so you can receive the financial market data you need in any operating system or programming language. Barchart OnDemand delivers a truly reliable and scalable cloud-based solution. To learn more about our Company Profile APIs contact us at or explore our market data APIs.