APIs for Analyst Estimates

Make faster decisions with reliable earnings estimates data from Barchart. Forecast, analyze, and compare your company earnings estimates against Wall Street consensus with a market data API through Barchart OnDemand. Whether you're using analyst estimates data for your own analysis, or creating visualizations for your products, analyst estimate data can support a robust decision making framework. Stay informed with regularly updated estimates from Wall Street's analysts to ensure you're staying ahead.

What do you get with an Analyst Estimates API?

  1. 4,500+ rated companies
  2. Consensus estimates and the number of analysts
  3. Evaluate confidence of the street by comparing the range of High and Low estimates
  4. Understand forward expectations with growth rate projections
  5. Expected report dates
  6. Historical information available

Who uses Analyst Estimates APIs?

  1. Portfolio Managers: Build reliable estimates data into your strategies to improve theoretical valuations and improve entry and exits
  2. Developers: Create compelling visualizations that engage your users and allow them to dig deeper into their portfolios than ever before
  3. Professional Traders: Build reliable estimates data into your strategies to improve theoretical valuations and improve entry and exits

Find an Analyst Estimates API through Barchart

  1. Earnings Estimate API: The getEarningsEstimates API provides per share earnings estimates on 4,500+ rated companies or quarterly and annual periods based on symbol. The getEarningsEstimates API provides you will accurate and reliable data to reduce risk and ensure you're staying ahead.
  2. Analyst Ratings API: The getRatings API offers analyst buy, sell and hold recommendations for over 4,500 publicly trading companies. Consensus estimates as well as the number of analysts rating the stock is included.
  3. Corporate Action API: The getCorporateActions API provides reliable corporate actions data on equities. Stay up-to-date on the latest public information with instant access to splits, dividends, name or symbol changes and earnings, based on a symbol. Use this data to make better decisions, reduce risk, and accurately track changes that impact securities in your investment universe.
  4. Stock Profile API: The getProfile API is used to request information about a publicly traded company, such as sector, industry, company description, CEO, recent earnings, P/E ratio, and address, based on symbol. This data can be used to build models that quickly screen for companies matching investment criteria.

Barchart’s Analyst Estimates API Pricing

Our OnDemand service pricing is based on usage, meaning you only pay for the amount of data you use. We’re able to scale up our services in a matter of seconds and offer versatile packages tailored to your specific needs that range from small to enterprise solutions.

Whether you are looking for a fully custom or off-the-shelf solution, our flexible market data APIs can be tailored to include only the data you need. With direct connectivity to the exchanges, our OnDemand solution is completely platform-independent so you can receive the financial market data you need in any operating system or programming language. Barchart OnDemand delivers a truly reliable and scalable cloud-based solution. To learn more about our Company Profile APIs contact us at or explore our market data APIs