Alerting Service FAQs

We recently announced the release of a new Market Alerting Service for third-parties. These market data alerts allow firms to work smarter, by giving them the ability to easily integrate the alerts API, using any data that is available within Barchart’s ecosystem, into their own platforms, such as websites, software, mobile apps and internal systems, to provide users with a seamless experience. We realize that you might have some questions regarding the alerts, so we thought we would give you access to the most frequently asked questions about our new market alerts service...

I really like the alerts. How do I get started using them?

Getting started using our alerts is extremely simple. Our quickstart guide gives you all of the information you need, including initial setup, how to use the API, how to create an alert, and more.

Is support available for the Alerting Service?

We’re here to help. Contact us and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

Are alerts delivered in real-time or is there any kind of delay?

Market data alerts are generated from our streaming push feed and are created in “real-time.” Note that exchange data distribution policies apply, and the alerts you receive will be configured relative to your applicable exchange license. Either way, they’re timely, and distributed at the same frequency you receive the underlying data.

What data can be monitored using the Alerting Service?

Any data in Barchart's data ecosystem can be used to create alert conditions.

Will Barchart have access to our users data?

Barchart stores the alert conditions you configure. However, you can avoid sharing any identifying information regarding your users.

Is it easy to implement alerts into my own front-end?

If you want to maintain full control of your front-end and would just like to use our alerts service in your backend, the process to do this is extremely simple. Our quickstart guide gives you all of the information you need to get started integrating alerts within your front-end. If you have any trouble, we’re here to help. Contact our support team.

Building a data-driven alert distribution system with text, iOS/Android push support, and email notifications isn't easy, so why not let Barchart do the hard work for you?! Still have questions? Demo our alert service or contact us at to learn more.