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2019 Focus on Grain Markets

New technologies and data sets are changing the landscape of today's commodity markets.

What does tomorrow hold? Find out at cmdtyExchange.

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cmdty Yearbook

The book of record for data on physical commodities and futures markets around the world.

With authoritatively sourced content from government reports, private industry, industrial associations, and unmatched historical scope, the cmdty Yearbook is the single most comprehensive source of physical commodity and futures market information.

Exclusive analysis includes:
  • Analysis of key commodities markets
  • U.S. economic trends and analysis
  • Global economic trends and analysis
  • Identification of trends in supply and demand
  • Projecting important price movements
  • Seasonal patterns and trends
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Commodity Leaders

  • The cmdty150 is designed to recognize commodity-focused firms - both large and small - that are driving results for their shareholders. Our proprietary methodology ensures the Ag, Energy, and Metals leaders of both today and tomorrow are represented

  • cmdtyIndexes’ transparent Smart Factor model uses cutting edge systematic index construction techniques to deliver an index that captures factors which have historically been associated with alpha generation

  • Firms found in the benchmark cmdty150 index are leaders in their field. This accomplishment is a recognition of excellence and an honor for the limited number of firms included each year
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