Scrap Metal Price Indexes

grain price index

Scrap metal prices from a broad selection of US scrap yards - indexed and made available over API and cmdtyView®

Scrap Metal Data Delivered

cmdty is your trusted source for commodity prices, data, and trading software - now get objective pricing on scrap metals delivered to your workflow today. Our transparent methodology ensures that our users have accurate price data to power decisions driven by API, cmdtyView®, or cmdtyView Excel


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Simple to use APIs to deliver data into your application

  • Get our scrap metal index values delivered via simple and dependable APIs
  • Rich metadata for ease of integration
  • Pull metal price indexes into your application to feed clients market intelligence today

Seamless integration into your workflow for pricing and risk

  • Data available over API or the cmdtyView® desktop
  • Feed your pricing & risk systems with valuable reference data
  • Ensure your pricing aligns to fair values
  • Plans vary to fit your requirements and grow with your firm

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