CRB BLS Spot Commodity Indexes

crb index

Proprietary spot indexes-covering opaque over-the-counter markets–calculated by the Commodity Research Bureau since 1952

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Commodity Index Data for Spot Markets

The CRB BLS Spot Market Price is a measure of price movements of 22 basic commodities whose markets are among the first to be influenced by changes in economic conditions. Sub-indices for six major asset classes are calculated.

Metals  |  Textiles  |  Raw Materials  |  Foodstuffs  |  Fats & Oils  |  Livestock


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CRB BLS Spot Commodity Indexes (prices are delayed by one week)

Name Today Change Date
CRB BLS Spot Cash Index 414.09 -0.82 2018-11-13
CRB BLS Metals Index 840.81 +2.45 2018-11-13
CRB BLS Textiles Index 290.06 +0.15 2018-11-13
CRB BLS Raw Industrials Index 484.11 +0.63 2018-11-13
CRB BLS Foodstuffs Index 330.18 -2.23 2018-11-13
CRB BLS Fats and Oils Index 361.74 -1.55 2018-11-13
CRB BLS Livestock Index 401.93 -2.96 2018-11-13