CRB BLS Spot Commodity Indexes

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Proprietary spot indexes -covering opaque over-the-counter markets –calculated by the Commodity Research Bureau since 1952

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Illuminating OTC Price Aggregates

The Spot Market Price Index is a measure of price movements of 22 sensitive basic commodities whose markets are presumed to be among the first to be influenced by changes in economic conditions. As such, it serves as a forward-looking indicator of impending changes in business activity and price movement. Sub-indices for six major asset classes are calculated.

Metals  |  Textiles  |  Raw Materials  |  Foodstuffs  |  Fats & Oils  |  Livestock


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CRB BLS Spot Commodity Indexes

Name Today Change Time
CRB BLS Spot Index 413.55 +0.92 09/20/18
CRB BLS Metals Sub-Index 812.82 +1.52 09/20/18
CRB BLS Textiles Sub-Index 296.74 -0.25 09/20/18
CRB BLS Raw Industrials Sub-Index 480.07 -0.90 09/20/18
CRB BLS Foodstuffs Sub-Index 333.13 +2.70 09/20/18
CRB BLS Fats and Oils Sub-Index 358.31 -1.57 09/20/18
CRB BLS Livestock Sub-Index 410.64 +0.20 09/20/18