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Our charting library makes it easy to implement powerful charting across all of your platforms. Drive user engagement in as little as three lines of code.

We deliver the tools. You focus on the customer.

HTML5 Charting API To Power Your Platform

Barchart's Charting APIs are a modern, fully HTML5 compliant financial charting library that is built to drive user engagement for your platform.

Our goal is to provide your developers with simple, but sophisticated tools that can be quickly integrated - allowing you to focus on your customers.

Get started with interactive charts today!

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Charting APIs

Robust Tools That Scale To Your Needs

Barchart's charting library is pure JavaScript, fully API-based, and can responsively adapt to any environment. Build charting fully customized to your user experience with tools so simple your engineers will thank you.

  • Bring your own data or use Barchart's - getting you to market faster
  • Fully customize the look and feel with API-based styling
  • Superior implementation support and a robust customer service team
  • Compatible with all popular frameworks, but with no library dependencies
  • Transparent and well-documented to ensure success
Charting APIs

Charting APIs

Why Barchart Digital?


Get started with fully responsive charts that make the right impression on any device.

  • Supports all modern browsers across desktop or mobile
  • Deliver a consistent and superior user experience - all the time


Our API charting library is designed to grow as your requirements do - and works with the data you already have.

  • Tweak the user experience via simple API calls
  • Your development team will thank you as our well-documented library simplifies everything

Use Anywhere

Building a native mobile app? Our charting solution is the only tool you need.

  • Works immediately across platforms simplifying your build
  • Hundreds of indicators, plots, and features that look great everywhere