Integrate getHistory into Microsoft Excel

Step 1
Make sure your query is in .csv format
getHistory Step 1
Step 2
Open Excel

Step 3
Select the “Data” tab
getHistory Step 3
Step 4
Select “From Web”
getHistory Step 4
Step 5
Paste your queries URL in the “From Web” pop-up box
getHistory Step 5
Step 6
A pop-up will appear giving a summary of what will be displayed. Here you can change the specifications on the data displayed. Once everything is in place, select the “Load” button on the bottom right of the pop-up box.
getHistory Step 6
Step 7
Data should be displayed in a table
getHistory Step 7
Step 8
You have successfully linked the data into excel, however, this is a snapshot of the data. If you would like for the data to be up to date and refresh on its own. Click on the “Properties” under the Data tab.
getHistory Step 8
Step 9
Once the “External Data Properties” pop-up appears, you will want to click on the “Query Properties”
getHistory Step 9
Step 10
You can now control the refresh settings to fit your preferences.
getHistory Step 10

Applicable for Microsoft Office 16 Users

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