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Barchart Solution: getQuote & getHistory for US Equities

WealthTrack Financial Summary:

WealthTrack Financial is building a broker-agnostic iOS application that will allow its users to trade stocks with their own broker, keep track of their portfolios, and stay up-to-date with what’s happening on the market from one mobile application. "The market is currently very fragmented" says Max Grigoryev, Co-Founder at WealthTrack Financial, "you have multiple stock trading and market data apps with limited functionality that overwhelm consumers with ads, you have brokerage mobile apps from where consumers execute trades with outdated design and you have 3rd party portfolio management tools that provide unnecessarily complicated advice, charging high fees that diminish the return. All of those products and solutions aren’t customer friendly. Those are some of the reasons why the new generation of investors prefer passive tools and services such as ETF's, robo advisors and other user friendly tools." WealthTrack Financial started by building an efficient yet simple stock tracking tool where users can see financial market data in a clean interface that provides extra features such as setting alerts or creating multiple watchlists that help users stay on top of market changes.


While searching for a data provider, Grigoryev said the biggest factor was accurate data for their users since WealthTrack Financial strives to be efficient, transparent and simple. “One of the most important factors was simplicity of integration and straight forward documentation, we wanted the process to be clear and fast,” says Grigoryev.


WealthTrack Financial is now equipped with the accurate data that it needs for its users. Maxim Nazarov, Co-Founder at WealthTrack Financial, says the biggest advantage of working with Barchart is the simple and easy-to-use API documentation. “Barchart has very flexible terms and API scopes that we can use, flexible pricing, and most importantly, great people that helped us with setting everything up, running the tests, and being very responsive to our questions,” says Nazarov.


With Barchart’s easy-to-use APIs, WealthTrack Financial can now put more of their time and focus on helping their users keep track of their financial wealth. “Accurate data and very ‘understandable’ documentation will help us to be flexible and implement any changes fast with no need to re-write the code for pulling data,” says Grigoryev.

Now that WealthTrack Financial has the accurate data and time they need to focus on their users, WealthTrack Financial will be an important mobile application for every trader and retail investor. “WealthTrack Financial will help people to keep their wealth on track and stay on top of their investments,” says Grigoryev.

For more information, visit the WealthTrack Financial website or download the app on the Apple App Store.

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