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Barchart Solution: Real-time data (getQuote, getHistory, getNews, getFinancialHighlights)

Vetr Summary:

JD Singh, Head of Business Development at Vetr, and his team were frustrated with the quality of the information that was provided to them while exploring their own personal investment ventures. With message boards and online forums no longer being reliable sources to receive quality information on the market, they found themselves at a dead-end. They started thinking about popular online review platforms like Yelp, ZocDoc and Angie’s List, and how the adoration for these crowdsourced websites have made them trusted sources that online users go to daily for reliable information. JD and his team decided to take this new crowdsourcing frenzy and turn it into a new and valuable FinTech startup called Vetr.

Based out of New York City, Vetr is a new and modern research startup for investments that has been taking the FinTech industry by storm since being founded in 2013. Through simplified crowdsourced star-ratings for the stock market, Vetr delivers their users personalized insights and alerts based on the people, stocks and funds they follow.

"Our users have come to expect a higher caliber of data, so Barchart was an obvious choice when choosing a data partner."


Upon being founded, Vetr was in need of a reliable data partner that could power their website with accurate and high quality market data for stocks and ETFs to help their users make better investment decisions. After researching different market data vendors, they still hadn't found a firm that could provide them with all of the data and information they needed.

"When we were first starting out, we had very little understanding about how financial market data was acquired and used," said JD.


While searching through market data vendors, Vetr came upon Barchart OnDemand and realized the benefits of working with a cloud-based market data platform to power data and information on their website.

"Barchart was there with us during our early days to help us understand the data and how best to use it," says JD.

Vetr's main users include self-driven individual investors that value high quality content for investment research.

"Our users have come to expect a higher caliber of data, so Barchart was an obvious choice when choosing a data partner."

Through Barchart OnDemand, Vetr was able to power their website with market data, news and financial information using a variety of cloud-based APIs.

"Data reliability is very important in the FinTech industry and Barchart OnDemand's APIs have been extremely reliable for us," said JD.

Real-Time Data Feed for Vetr


Explore the different market data APIs Vetr uses to power their website:


Vetr uses Barchart OnDemand's popular getQuote API to display delayed US Equities price data when a user searches a symbol on their website.


With Barchart OnDemand's getHistory API, Vetr shows users end-of-day historical prices on a symbol's trend chart.


With the getNews API, Vetr provides daily news headlines to their users based upon specific categories and keywords the user is searching for.


Vetr uses Barchart OnDemand's getFinancialHighlights API to provide key highlights for equities. These highlights provide reliable ratios and statistics including, annual dividend rate, annual revenue, market cap, three year return, plus so much more.


With all of the recent success, the future is looking bright for Vetr.

"Vetr is anticipating a massive amount of growth over the next couple of years, becoming an integral part of the investment research process for the self-directed investor," says JD.

Since inception in July of 2013 to today, Vetr has over 27,000 crowdsourced ratings on their website and counting. To add to this success, Vetr was recently awarded Best in Class — Best Use of the Crowd for the 2015 Benzinga FinTech Awards.

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