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Barchart Solution: Real-time data (getQuote)

Tradervue Summary:

Back in 2010, Greg Reinacker, Founder of Tradervue, was tired of his cumbersome routine of keeping a daily trading journal. As a daily routine, logging about his trades, goals and strategies, and inserting charts and data, would take upwards of an hour of busy work at the end of every trading day.

"I found that keeping a trading journal was the best tool I had for improving my performance — but I hated keeping it. I didn't mind writing in it — why I was taking a trade, what was making me nervous about it, etc. That part was easy," says Reinacker. "What I hated was the busy work of having to paste in my execution data, and pasting charts into it from my trading platform. Once I even caught myself not taking a quick trade because I didn't want to add even more work to my after-close routine," says Reinacker.

He began to think about how he could make this process automated and ultimately save him time.

"I set to work to build something, just for myself to address these issues," says Reinacker. "During that process, I decided to refocus a bit and build a web application that could do this for everyone. And so was born Tradervue," added Reinacker.

" … We didn't want to install any special software on our servers just to get data, but rather use our own code to make HTTP calls to web services. Barchart OnDemand was the perfect fit for our system."


To provide users with an all-inclusive platform for journaling, analysis and sharing, Tradervue wanted to provide their users with intraday market data for Futures, Equities and FX to help them strategize and plan better for their trading goals.

"To be honest, the first challenge was actually getting someone to call me back in a timely basis. Many of Barchart's competitors don't seem to respond," says Reinacker. "Beyond that, I was really looking for a partner who had a web services API — we didn't want to install any special software on our servers just to get data, but rather use our own code to make HTTP calls to web services. Barchart OnDemand's system fit the bill," added Reinacker.


To provide their users with the data they wanted in a cloud-based API format, Barchart OnDemand provided Tradervue with the getQuote API. Supported by Amazon Web Services, with the getQuote API, Tradervue generates charts to help its users journal their ideas and thoughts, and uses the data to help users analyze their trading performance at a very deep level. With a usage based pricing model and unlimited space in the cloud, Barchart OnDemand's getQuote API includes price data to worldwide exchanges and can be powered up in a matter of seconds.

"Barchart OnDemand was the perfect fit for our system," says Reinacker "Their cloud-based API made it very easy to retrieve intraday data from multiple markets every day, and provides many years of historical intraday data as well."

Real-Time Data getQuote for Tradervue


Since being founded in 2011, Tradervue has changed the way traders keep a journal, analyze their trading performance, and share their trades with the community, and they are very excited for what is yet to come.

"The future is bright! We're addressing a clear need, and we're growing quickly with both retail traders and prop trading firms," says Reinacker. "And we're certainly not standing still — for example, we recently released sophisticated exit analysis tools, which help traders understand how well they are exiting their trades," added Reinacker.

To learn more about Tradervue, please visit www.tradervue.com.