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Barchart Solution: Streaming real time .NET/jAVA API

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Elran Bor and his team wanted to create a new investment dynamic, that's where Tipigo comes in. Bor, who is CEO of Tipigo, says that Tipigo leads the next step in evolution of automated investments by providing advanced technological solutions from AI and machine learning domains to institutional wealth managers.

Bor and his team went through years of research and development to construct a way to synergize different investment disciplines into a unified investment strategy that delivers consistent outperformance. Bor and his team are combining big data science and specialized analyst recommendations in real time in order to identify exceptional investment opportunities.


Along with a startup comes the challenge of finding a reliable data provider.

"We were looking for a data provider which understands our special needs as a dynamic startup company, both in accessing the data and costs," says Bor.


During their search for a data provider, Tipigo found the many benefits of working with a company that offers reliable real-time streaming quotes.

"Barchart's real-time quotes, allow us to stay on top of the market and execute Tipigo's proprietary algorithm in the best manner," says Bor. "Barchart's great customer support and personal attention has made all the difference," added Bor.

Streaming real time .NET/jAVA API for Tipigo


With real-time quotes from Barchart, Tipigo is headed for a successful future.

"Tipigo's vision is to be the leading platform for fully automated fundamental research and portfolio management," says Bor.

For more information, visit www.tipigo.com.