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Barchart Solution: Real-time data (getQuote)

The Wizard Summary:

"Trading made simple," that's how Gene Stunkel, President of The Wizard, describes the algorithm he and his team created. Founded in 2004, The Wizard has created an intuitive interface that has completely streamlined the trading process. With just a few mouse clicks, you can choose your market, set your trade requirements and see your trade signals all on one responsive platform.

"Knowing when to buy, take profit and get out of a trade is the goal of the Wizard Algorithm," says Gene. "The Wizard is a tool that can identify short, immediate, and long term trades, and make the highly probable decisions to manage a trade," added Gene.

With The Wizard, you are able to see accurate results instantly. Whether you are looking for entry price, profit targets or trailing stop, The Wizard will provide you with precise buy, sell and stop signals down to the penny.

"Barchart OnDemand accommodated our request promptly with the right price and excellent data."


To provide users with a reliable trading platform, The Wizard needed to find a market data vendor that could bring them and their clients high-quality market data. With so many different vendors around the world, finding the perfect one to meet your needs can be a difficult and demanding process.

"We contacted various vendors when we were purchasing data," says Gene.


With various options and unsure of which route to take, The Wizard came upon Barchart OnDemand and instantly noticed a difference in the quality and dependency of it's market data compared to other vendors.

"Barchart OnDemand accommodated our request promptly with the right price and excellent data," says Gene.

The Wizard uses Barchart OnDemand's popular getQuote API. With this cloud-based API, The Wizard is able to power real-time price data to their users through their popular trading platform.

"We have been pleased with the accuracy and the dependability of fulfillment," says Gene.

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The Wizard has experienced significant growth in recent years.

"We have doubled our business within the last two years," says Gene. "We also have a bright future with the new markets we are entering."

Since being founded in 2004, The Wizard has been providing traders with a simple and powerful platform to trade on. Whether you are looking to trade stocks, ETFs, Futures or Forex, The Wizard is a platform that anyone can use with ease.

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