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Barchart Solution: End-of- Day, Web-Hosted Solution for getHistory API

ORATS Summary:

Matt Amberson and his team have decades of experience in trading and insist on methods that have been proven quantitatively as well as through success in the marketplace. Amberson, who is Principal and Founder of Option Research & Technology Services (ORATS), says they have built a cutting edge platform to test their research.

Located in Chicago, Illinois, ORATS has been in the US equity options business since 2001. ORATS utilizes a proprietary volatility analysis to produce implied, forecast, and historical volatilities and offers end-to-end options strategy development, from testing to implementation.

"Finding a reliable, top quality provider has allowed us to concentrate on what we do well…"


Amberson and his team needed the highest quality data with timely updates and reasonable fees.


After a difficult search for a data provider, ORATS found the right vendor for their needs with Barchart.

"Finding a reliable, top quality provider has allowed us to concentrate on what we do well at ORATS, which is providing our customers with proprietary calculations, consistently and profitably," says Amberson. "Being confident in the underlying data provided by Barchart gives us confidence in producing more and better products and selling more effectively," added Amberson.


With high quality data from Barchart, ORATS is on a successful path for the future.

"ORATS has big plans for the future," says Amberson. "To augment our backtesting platform we are building a way for users to interact with other users by publishing their backtests. We will also be adding more data from Barchart to augment our historical tests in graphic form," added Amberson.

For more information on ORATS, please visit orats.com.