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Barchart Solution:
Delayed US Equities for getHistory, getEquitiesbyExchange, getQuote, getCorporateActions, getFinancialHighlights, & getTechnicals

NexusMind Summary:

Vince DeChacus and his team wanted to take the guesswork and emotion out of investing. That's where NexusMind comes in. Vince, who is a software engineer at NexusMind, says that NexusMind's user base consists of new investors and people who aren't necessarily market savvy. NexusMind caters to those investors by providing a safe and extremely well balanced portfolio that is tailored to investors' personality and preferences, and is 100% managed by their proprietary engine without any human input.

"The market data we are getting from Barchart is the bedrock of the system, second only to the underlying NexusMind engineā€¦"


With a 100% autonomous system, Vince and his team needed reliable, technical data that could aid in evaluating the worth of any stock as investment grade.


The search for a data provider was perilous for NexusMind, but they found the right vendor for their needs with Barchart and their reliable, scalable and cloud-based APIs. "The market data we are getting from Barchart is the bedrock of the system, second only to the underlying NexusMind engine, since any degradation in the quality of the data could potentially impact the bottom line of our users," says Vince. "That's why it was crucial for us to find a provider that offers high-quality data. Barchart was very understanding and framed our deal in a manner that allowed us to grow our company," added Vince.


With a safe and reliable portfolio, in addition to the high-quality data they are receiving from Barchart, NexusMind is on a successful path for growth.

"In the immediate future, we're looking forward to getting out of the beta phase and starting growing the platform beyond the beta users. We're also looking forward to the brokerage integration that will allow our engine to directly execute its recommendations on behalf of our users. We will also be expanding into the professional users arena, with a new version of our engine that will cater to professional portfolio managers," said Vince.

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