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Barchart Solution: Real-time CME Group and U.S. Equities price data

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Back in 2001, Marcos Boschetti and his team realized they had something big on their hands. With their own personal models and systems for effective trading, they decided to take their trading tools and turn it into a firm called Nelogica.

"We realized we had really great technology in our hands through market data compression algorithms, charting engines and special DOM resources," said Marcos Boschetti, CEO of Nelogica. "Our friends within the finance industry kept asking us to use these tools for their own use- that's how it all began," added Boschetti.

Nelogica, which has been focusing on emerging markets, provides information and advanced applications for the finance industry. The company has one of the most modern technology infrastructures with datacenters in 5 different countries. With a wide client base including, individual investors, institutions, brokers, banks, public companies, foundations and consultancies, Nelogica offers their customers a technological edge through their charting platforms and financial tools.

"Our friends within the finance industry kept asking us to use these tools for their own use — that's how it all began," said Boschetti.


After creating a variety of analysis and charting products that would be available to their customers, Nelogica needed to find a data provider whose market data they could redistribute onto their own platform. Marcos and his team began the process of researching different firms that could offer them the reliable and accurate data they needed.

"It was a pretty difficult process," says Boschetti. "Not only were we looking for great APIs, but at the same time, we were also looking for a firm that understood the financial markets and technology involved. It was a pretty strenuous process to find a firm that offered all of these requirements," added Boschetti.


During their search for a market data vendor, Nelogica found Barchart to be a reliable resource for the data they were looking for. As an Independent Software Vendor, Nelogica uses Barchart's market data, to provide real-time CME Group and U.S. Equities price data to their platform's users.

"Barchart has provided us with the two important requirements we were looking for; market data for our platform and substantial customer support," says Boschetti. "We have financial data solutions that fit our needs perfectly because of Barchart. That's what a good partnership is about, a win-win game for both parties. Because of their substantial service and data, we have been working together for 10 years now," added Boschetti.

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After almost 15 years of business, Nelogica has experienced substantial growth and the future looks promising for the firm.

"We are expanding our product lines and operations. We will launch a new brand this year with two new products that will reach 30 countries," said Boschetti. "Besides that, we will keep upgrading our software bringing state-of-the-art technology to trading," added Boschetti.

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