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Barchart Solution: Real-time data (getQuote)

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With headquarters in the country's tech-hub of San Francisco, the startup missingSTEP is changing the FinTech industry as we know it. Founded in 2009, missingSTEP is a leading investment analysis tool provider giving information to users through mobile applications for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch. From stocks to commodities, missingSTEP is equipping their users with quotes, charts, news, analysis and many more tools through their apps.

"missingSTEP is one of the first financial app developers in the market," says Alp Simsir, Founder of missingSTEP. "We distinguished ourselves from the crowd by providing user friendliness, advanced features, deep analytics and a wide portfolio of apps," added Simsir.

"With Barchart OnDemand, the data was easy to implement and maintain."


Providing high-quality mobile applications comes the challenge of providing high-quality and reliable market data within those apps. Unsure of where to turn, missingSTEP began their journey of finding a market data vendor that could meet their needs and requirements.

"When looking for a market data vendor, we were looking for a company that could provide not just row data, but also provide services such as news, calendars and charting solutions," says Simsir.


While exploring different options for a vendor, missingSTEP came upon Barchart OnDemand and noticed the many different benefits of working with a cloud-based platform through on-demand APIs.

"With Barchart OnDemand, the data was easy to implement and maintain," says Simsir.

With Barchart OnDemand, missingSTEP was able to get the most out of the platform with the getQuote API. With this API, missingSTEP is able to provide access to the markets for users to monitor on a variety of their mobile applications.

Real-Time Data getQuote for missingSTEP


Throughout the years, missingSTEP has experienced many notable achievements:

  • Apple announced missingSTEP as the most profitable Finance app developer in iTunes Rewind in 2011.
  • missingSTEP's first app "Daily Stocks" stayed as the #1 top paid and grossing app in Finance for 6 months.
  • missingSTEP became the first and only app developer to have seven apps in top 10 grossing lists in its category.
  • missingSTEP became the first and only app developer to have two Finance apps in top grossing 300 out of over 1 million apps.


missingSTEP is looking forward to the future and hopeful for many more notable achievements in the years to come.

"The future for missingSTEP involves growing our user base by providing analytics to foreign markets and other mobile platforms." says Simsir.

For more information about missingSTEP, visit www.missingstep.com.