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Barchart Solution: Real-time data (getQuote, getHistory)

investFeed Summary:

investFeed aims to revolutionize the way investors make trading decisions. The FinTech startup is headquartered in New York City, and is positioning itself to become a reliable tool for anyone looking to learn more and engage in the stock market.

The way financial information is collected and analyzed is old and cumbersome, so investFeed decided to create a platform with a focus for both the casual trader, looking to access and follow reliable trading strategies and portfolios, as well as the big investment players, who want to share their insights and expertise.

investFeed gives its members the power to monetize their own account and earn additional income by sharing stock predictions, articles and content, creating a win-win situation for all members. The service is free, with an option to subscribe to access premium features.

investFeed needed a service provider that would work provide reliable market data and would work with the firm on pricing.


Getting a social FinTech startup going comes with the challenge of finding a reliable market data vendor. investFeed became frustrated with the process of trying to choose among a number of vendors to find one that would best fit their needs and requirements. The executives were looking for a service provider who would work with them on pricing, because market data is the biggest expense for any FinTech startup.


After a long, tiring search process, investFeed came upon Barchart OnDemand, and immediately saw the benefits associated with a company that offers cloud-based APIs, direct access to the exchanges and enterprise-class support — all at an affordable cost.

The team was also impressed with the professional and reliable service Barchart OnDemand offered. They had found a provider who had everything the company needed data-wise, and one that was easy to work with and get a hold of. 
 If there was ever a question or concern, investFeed received a response in a timely manner.

Through Barchart OnDemand, investFeed is able to power their website with market data through reliable cloud-based APIs.


Explore the APIs investFeed uses for their platform:


Barchart OnDemand's popular getQuote API provides users with high-quality price data for Equities.


With Barchart OnDemand's getHistory API, investFeed members can access historical price data for Equities.


As social investing becomes an ever more popular tool, investFeed has proved themselves to be a strong player in the FinTech industry and plans on continued success. Through its open marketplace platform, the team predicts a majority of investors, traders, and financial news outlets will be operating their business with investFeed. They will focus on payments, while their members enjoy doing what they love without having to worry about billing.

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