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Barchart Solution: Barchart data feeds for stocks and forex

Incredible Charts Summary:

Founded in 2001 by two brothers, Colin and Robin Twiggs, Incredible Charts offers individuals within the financial industry a variety of tools to benefit from. From charting software and premium data to financial strategies and trading diaries, Incredible Charts is changing the way individuals learn and analyze financial data and information.

"My brother and I identified the need for a low-cost charting platform that provided a wide range of financial data to international traders and investors," says Colin Twiggs, Co-Founder of Incredible Charts.

The two brothers wanted to create an exclusive platform unlike others within the industry they came across.

"There are many unique features we brought to users through our platform. First, we brought capability to our users through a desktop application that offers the convenience and portability of an online application," says Twiggs. "Second, we introduced flexibility into our platform by allowing users to customize chart studies. And lastly, we created a community by giving users the opportunity to create and share custom stock scans through an array of technical filters," added Twiggs.

"What we value most about working with Barchart is the people," said Twiggs. "Their representatives and executive team always do a great job accommodating our needs and come through time after time …"


In order to provide a unique charting software for users with reliable market data, Colin and Robin needed to find a data provider that suited their requirements.

"Finding a data vendor was exceedingly difficult," said Twiggs. "We tried a number of data providers, but we couldn't find any that really suited our needs," he added.


After a laborious process of searching for the right data vendor, Incredible Charts came across Barchart and noticed the depth of service Barchart offered for Independent Software Vendors (ISV.)

"What we value most about working with Barchart is the people," said Twiggs. "They always do a great job accommodating our needs and come through time after time when an exchange changes the specs or introduces some other complication within any of the feeds," added Twiggs.

As an independent software vendor, Incredible Charts distributes Barchart's data feeds to their users for stocks and forex through a premium Incredible Charts charting service. Covering the ASX, LSE, NYSE, NASDAQ, OTCBB, OTC Markets, TSX, Forex and Precious Metals, Incredible Charts offers users a broad market perspective backed by Barchart's reliability.


After almost 15 years of business, Incredible Charts is still going strong and showing signs of a successful future.

"In regards to the future, we want to deliver cross-platform capability for our users so they can seamlessly access our service from their desktop, smartphone or tablet," says Twiggs "We also want to enhance integration for our users through improved linkages to brokers," he added.

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