Cedro Technologies

Barchart Solution: Barchart Data Feeds for U.S. and European Equities

Cedro Technologies Summary:

Since 2005, Cedro Technologies has specialized in financial market products, serving banks, traders, brokers, assets and many other customers and segments with its innovative tradingplatforms. In addition, the company also offers Market Data, information and historical data, OMS and everything that involves the world of investments and stock exchanges.

Fast Trade is Cedro Technologies’ trading platform that makes it possible to negotiate and monitor BM&FBovespa and international exchanges in real time. The Fast Trade professional platform allows you to operate with agility and offers many features, including: Offers Books, RTD Link, Tick by Tick, Fast Quote, News (includes RSS reader), Ranking of Assets, Markets, Top: Highs and Lows, Spread Calculator, Ticker and Price Alerts, Chart System and Volume at Price.


Cedro Technologies was in search of an international data provider, for American and European stock exchanges. In this search process Cedro Technologies found Barchart, which allowed for easy integration.


“During the meeting we did not encounter any difficulties with Barchart. The process was simple, both commercial and technical,” said Rodrigo Santos, Director of Operations & Product Development at Cedro. “Barchart stands out for the agility, commercial model and quality in the services provided. This partnership will give us quick access to global information,” added Santos.

Cedro Technologies was looking for a company that understands the stock market and provides quality APIs.

“We are now fully integrated with Barchart’s APIs, which has already had great advantages, such as giving us access to global data in an integrated way for our system,” said Santos.


Cedro Technologies is a company that bases its growth on the will to always create and innovate. Evidence shows that the work developed provides the use of pioneering mechanisms in the financial market. It aims to continue its growth in the financial and agricultural markets in the coming years. They wish to be socially responsible, efficient, agile, and an entity of excellence with national and international recognition and credibility.

For more information about Cedro Technologies, please visit www.cedrotech.com.