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Barchart Solution: End-Of-Day Data

BullBear Summary:

The goal of Anurag Saboo and his team at BullBear is to present the financial markets in a new light to hesitant investors. BullBear combines factors of fantasy sports, console gaming and demo poker on a simple platform to encourage engagement and self-learning via non-financial incentives such as league promotions and informational prizes.

Anurag, who is the Director of BullBear, says a progressive system of complexity ensures every level of user can benefit from the experience and test their skills in a safe and free environment.


With an aim to present relevant financial market data on a simple gaming platform, Anurag and the rest of the team at BullBear needed an optimum amount of end-of-day data for their application that they could display to their own users.


After a long but informational search of exploring different data providers, they found that Barchart was the best fit for BullBear’s needs.

“There have been many advantages of working with Barchart,” said Anurag. “The sales team was responsive and informative, making it a simple choice. Ultimately, the process was not as exhausting as it could have been. The support team has answered every single query in a prompt manner. The API’s are simple and general data output has been clear. The whole process has been thorough and professional and we are more than satisfied with it,” added Anurag.


With a quality application containing reliable data from Barchart, BullBear is on a successful path for a promising future.

“BullBear has various future scenarios but the common theme for them all would be the facilitation of financial knowledge through information and competition. FinTech is an ever-evolving sphere and BullBear aims to continue the disruption of traditional guidance models by encouraging self-learning via readily accessible information,” said Anurag.

For more information about BullBear, please visit www.bullbear.io.