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Wed, Jan 27th, 2021
Short Squeeze Mania - Stocks Swoon

It's officially "stonk season" in the markets. The IPO market continues to baffle, and SPACs continue to pop-up like weeds in your front yard.

How the Eurozone Affects Gold, and Why You Should Care

It pays to pay attention to what is happening in Europe. As is well known, there are many currency pairs in the world, but the most traded one is the EUR/USD. How does that affect you as a gold investor?...

ONE44 S&P500 update

S&P 500 top???

Stock Pick Update: Jan. 27 - Feb. 2, 2021

In the last five trading days (January 20 – January 26) the broad stock market has extended its long-term uptrend. The S&P 500 index reached new record high of 3,870.90 yesterday, as investors awaited...


Yesterday we gave the markets a Neutral bias and the markets traded Mixed. Will that continue? Read on to learn more

Will Biden’s Executive Blitzkrieg Defeat Gold?

A new sheriff is in town, and he’s making some rearrangements. Will the new order of things support the price of gold?

Mixed Market = Mixed Result

Yesterday we called for a Mixed or Neutral day and the markets didn't disappoint. Will this continue today? Read on to learn more

After Your Recent High - Where to Now, Gold?

Gold is suffering a hang-over after it’s early January highs, while the EUR/USD pair is buckling - so when gold declines, where will its bottom be?

Surprise! Nasdaq Leads Weekly Gains

In a surprise twist, the Nasdaq surged by a healthy 4.2%, managing to close the week at an all-time high. What’s happening to tech stocks?

AUDUSD Threatening Further Downside Pressure

On the whole, AUDUSD faces further downside threats.

10 Year Note Bullish Continuation

With the Dollar Index Weakening More

Bonds Going Higher!

Learn To Trade Eurodollar Spreads

Emerging Markets Stocks and ETFs for 2021

There’s not a rigid definition of what an emerging market is. For example, China is still the leading country in many emerging market ETFs and funds. But is it fair to consider China an emerging market...

Why You Shouldn’t Get Excited About Gold’s Mini-Rally

Gold seems to be sleeping off its latest mini-rally and lacks the momentum to reach new highs. What happens from here? Has the USD bottomed? And what does it mean when we factor in the EUR/USD pair and...

Will Inflation Make Gold Shine in 2021?

The report about gold in 2021 would be incomplete without the outlook for inflation. We have already written about it recently, but this topic is worth further examination. After all, higher inflation...

Seesaw Market

Yesterday we declared a Neutral or Mixed day and the markets gave us that. What will the markets do today? Read on to learn more

Will Biden Inaugurate Gold’s Rally?

Well, before we move on to Biden, let’s say goodbye to Trump. You can love him or hate him, but there is no denying that the 45th presidency was excellent for the price of gold. As the chart below shows,...

Way to Go, Joe

Yesterday we witnessed the highest point gain for an Inauguration Day in 30 plus years. Will that continue today? Read on to learn more

The Tug of War Continues

This market continues trudging forward and weighing good news with bad. After stocks closed last week with their first weekly declines in nearly a month, stocks staged a mild recovery on Tuesday (Jan....

Here’s Why Gold Recently Moved Up

Gold moved higher as the USD Index moved lower in today’s pre-market trading. Before providing you with my thoughts on why that happened and what the implications are, let’s see exactly what transpired....

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Chart of the Day

Gamestop Corp (GME)

The Barchart Chart of the Day  is Gamestop (NYSE: GME ).   I am not recommending buying at this level but want to answer a question I am asked over and over again:  Why didn't I see this stock earlier??!!??. Barchart gives you 13 different methods to find BUY signals.  Today as I...
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