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Mon, Nov 30th, 2020
Phil Flynn
Phil Flynn

Mr. Flynn is one of the world's leading energy market analysts, providing individual investors, professional traders, and institutions with up-to-the-minute investment and risk management insight into global petroleum, gasoline, and energy markets.

Phil Flynn's accurate and timely forecasts have come to be in great demand by industry and media worldwide. His impressive career goes back almost three decades, gaining attention with his market calls as writer of “The Energy Report”.

He is a daily contributor to Fox Business Network where he provides daily market updates and analysis. Phil’s daily commentary is also featured in Futures Magazine, International Business Times, Inside Futures, 312 Energy, Enercast, among many others.

Phil is a lifelong resident of Illinois. He attended Daley College in Chicago before beginning his career on the trading floor of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange which eventually led him and his team to The PRICE Futures Group.

Media highlights include: The President of the United States, Bloomberg, ABC, CBS, NBC´s "Today Show" and "Nightly News with Tom Brokaw", CNBC, CNN/CNNfn, FOX´s "O´Reilly Factor", PBS´s "The Newshour with Jim Lehrer" and "Nightly Business Report", MSNBC´s "The News with Brian Williams", The Wall Street Journal, Business Week, Investor´s Business Daily, The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, Associated Press, The Toronto Globe & Mail, Houston Chronicle, Futures Magazine, Inside Futures, and National Public Radio.

Contact Phil Flynn: (800) 769-7021 or at

Most Recent Stories

Turkey Shoot. The Energy Report 11/27/2020

It was another Thanksgiving Day Turkey shoot, and markets moved on light volume and also inspired movement. While oil sold off, it was bitcoin that seemed to take the biggest hit. Bitcoin had an 11% correction...

Early Returns. The Energy Report 11/25/2020

Joe Biden voters are getting an early return on their vote investment as markets start to price-in higher energy prices. While Vice-President Joe Biden promised he would not raise taxes on anyone making...

Transition To Higher Energy Prices. The Energy Report 11/24/2020

It looks like that the transition process is beginning to a Joe Biden administration and is already leading to higher energy prices. President Trump tweeted that he wanted “to thank Emily Murphy...

The End of the Tunnel. The Energy Report 11/23/2020

More news on Covid 19 vaccines is raising oil demand prospects in the short term and longer-term has oil trading at a three month high, and the best is yet to come. Global supplies have tightened, and...

The Daily Grind. The Energy Report 11/20/2020

Oil prices are doing the daily grind higher as vaccine hopes rise and some renewed stimulus talks. Before the election, House Speaker Nacy Pelosi thought she held all the cards in stimulus negotiations...

NOPEC. The Energy Report 11/19/2020

There seems to be a little trouble brewing in the OPEC Cartel. It seems the UAE is not happy with its oil production share and is considering going out on its own and leaving the OPEC cartel’s cozy...

Sharp Stick. The Energy Report 11/18/2020

The OPEC Plus Joint Technical meeting did not offer any concrete decisions on whether they would extend cuts by 6 or 9 months but at least suggested that it would be one or the other. Oh sure, the Saudi...

Technical Balance. The Energy Report 11/17/2020

Oil prices are at a historic turning point. The market tries to balance concerns about more short-term Covid 19 lockdowns versus the high probability that a safe and effective vaccine will allow oil demand...

Technical Balance. The Energy Report 11/17/2020

Oil prices are at a historic turning point. The market tries to balance concerns about more short-term Covid 19 lockdowns versus the high probability that [...]

Positively Giddy. The Energy Report 11/16/2020

The crude oil market is positively giddy as vaccine hopes rise and China briefing refinery run records and Japan’s economy is on fire. Reports of last week that Pfizer-BioNTech’s successful Covid 19...

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