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DCE No.2 Soybean May '23 (XSK23)
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Contract Specifications

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No.2 Soybean
Contract Size
10 Metric Tons
Tick Size
1 Yuan per metric ton (CNY 10 per contract)
Trading Hours
9:00a.m. - 11:30a.m. and 1:30p.m. - 3:00p.m. (beijing)
Point Value
CNY 10
Expiration Date
05/18/23 (expired)

Seasonal Chart

DCE No.2 Soybean May '23
Average Price Chart for 5 Prior May Contracts
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Price Performance

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Period Period Low Period High Performance
3,920 +5.00%
on 04/25/23
4,342 -5.20%
on 04/18/23
-45 (-1.08%)
since 04/17/23
3,920 +5.00%
on 04/25/23
4,630 -11.10%
on 02/22/23
-433 (-9.52%)
since 02/17/23

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ZCZ23 : 534-4s (+3.59%)
ZSX23 : 1189-4s (+1.47%)
ZWN23 : 616-0s (+1.94%)
KEN23 : 819-2s (+0.15%)
LEZ23 : 173.225s (+0.22%)
CTZ23 : 80.54s (+2.60%)
SBN23 : 25.37s (+2.17%)
KCN23 : 181.60s (-0.60%)
NGN23 : 2.437 (+0.83%)
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ZWN23 : 616-0s (+1.94%)
ZWU23 : 629-4s (+1.98%)
ZWPAES.CM : 5.5496 (+2.16%)
KEN23 : 819-2s (+0.15%)
KEPAWS.CM : 7.9125 (+0.16%)
MWN23 : 818-0s (+1.55%)
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Soybean futures were 0.9% to 1.5% higher on Friday with double digit gains across the front months. The July contract ended the week at a net 30c gain but is still sitting 82 cents in the red for the month....

ZSN23 : 1337-2s (+1.00%)
ZSPAUS.CM : 13.1512 (+0.92%)
ZSQ23 : 1261-0s (+0.90%)
ZSU23 : 1198-4s (+1.25%)
Corn Closes Higher into Weekend

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ZCN23 : 604-0s (+2.24%)
ZCPAUS.CM : 6.3666 (+2.08%)
ZCU23 : 529-0s (+3.62%)
ZCZ23 : 534-4s (+3.59%)
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Barchart Trading Guide

The Barchart Trading Guide is a Buy Signal with a Weak Signal Strength.

Key Turning Points

3rd Resistance Point 4,116
2nd Resistance Point 4,116
1st Resistance Point 4,116
Last Price 4,116s
1st Support Level 4,116
2nd Support Level 4,116
3rd Support Level 4,116

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52-Week High 5,020
Fibonacci 61.8% 4,600
Fibonacci 50% 4,470
Fibonacci 38.2% 4,340
Last Price 4,116s
52-Week Low 3,920

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